Submission of Community Service Hours up online

Students can now submit their community service hours digitally on instead of turning in community service hours forms through the Community Council’s new electronic submission system. The Council said the new page will encourage students to perform more community service, increase its presence on campus and make the process of submitting hours smoother in […]

Linking Up: Technology Allows Students to Form Online Friendships

Linking Up: Technology Allows Students to Form Online Friendships

A little less than a year ago, Elizabeth Gaba ’17 was scrolling through Instagram when she saw that one of her favorite Vine singers, Gillian,* commented on one of her friend’s pictures. Excited, she texted her friend asking how he knew her. After talking about Gillian, he gave her Gillian’s number, per Gaba’s request. Gaba […]

Spectrum magazine starts online edition

The Spectrum staff launched a website Jan. 15 to provide more space for articles and create video and photo galleries. “I’ve been wanting to have a web presence for a while, but I’ve always been nervous because I don’t have a strong background in web,” Spectrum adviser Stephen Chae said. “This year many of my […]

Students to select courses for next school year online

Green signup sheets for next year’s courses are a thing of the past, as students will be able to choose next year’s courses online. The change will save time and reduce human error, Upper School Dean Sharon Cuseo said. The program, which students will use in March through the Harvard-Westlake website, was programmed and coordinated […]