Prefect Council reworks meetings

By Hana Al-Henaid With Fanatic Fest over, the Prefect Council is focusing on maintaining public meetings. The next open meeting is this Friday. Although several scheduled meetings never occurred, they were not cancelled, Head Prefects Tasia Smith ’08 and Wesley Yip ’08 said.  The meetings were intended to increase transparency and to get the community […]

Take the democratic advantage

This year, after years of closed meetings, the Prefect Council finally opted for some governmental transparency. Students have been granted the opportunity to see student government present its work and finally see what it is that prefects do. For the first two meetings, the only people who attended were a handful of students representing clubs, […]

Prefect Council sets dates for open meetings

Prefect Council will hold open meetings every Friday during third period in Ahmanson. Attendees will have the opportunity to discuss topics listed on the agenda or to bring up their own ideas. The first two meetings will focus on approving clubs, upper school dean Tamar Adegbile said. The topics for following meetings have not yet […]

Student Government prefects evaluate success of merger

By Danny Nessim Increasing the number of Student Government meetings to twice or three times a week is one of the proposals Student Government is making in evaluating the success of the first year of merged government. They also passed a separate proposal on Monday that would increase the involvement of non-elected students in the […]