Finding my forte in second semester

By Anabel Pasarow I thought second semester senior year would be one big messy free-for-all. I would be the absentee punk kid opting for surf lessons with cool college-drop-out instructors by day and pulling all-nighters by night, or going to double features at the movies and feeling no remorse about not buying a ticket for […]

Facebook: a 'double-edged sword'

By Elana Zeltser Recently, my sister forwarded me an interview with college student Jake Reilly, who embarked on what he called his “Amish Project.” For 90 days Reilly didn’t use TV, cell phone or internet. Reilly said he was distressed over the all-consuming and addictive nature of such superficial means of communication, and set out […]

Admiring fun from afar

 By Allison Hamburger I will probably never go to Coachella. As I settled for watching some of my favorite artists perform at the festival via YouTube’s live broadcast two weekends ago, this sad realization sunk in. My college kid-sized budget and schedule will probably not allow me to attend any time soon, and there’s no […]

Let’s make the last month count — seniors, let’s make it memorable

The brunt of our work is over, and we’re at the pinnacle of our senior year. We’re the Class of 2012, and you “wish you were one two!” So where’s the spontaneous lower quad senior BBQ? Where’s the grade-wide beach day? And where did our senior prank go? Days before the historically designated senior prank […]

We should all be feminists

By Rachel Schwartz I try to be respectful of everyone’s opinions, but I feel that those who oppose legalization of gay marriage are either ignorant or bigoted. I don’t feel passionate about this issue only because I have two gay moms. Saying that a traditional definition can prevent marriage between consenting adults reminds me of […]

Repairing honor

By David Lim Shortly after school ended on a Friday almost a month ago, my phone buzzed announcing the arrival of an email. The same message containing a 29-page Honor Board Recommendation landed simultaneously in the inboxes of all my classmates. I paid much more attention than I usually do to Honor Board recommendations. What […]

A hearfelt thank you to an unforgettable leader

President Thomas C. Hudnut will remain ingrained in school history as the force that forged Harvard-Westlake’s path to greatness. A chief architect of the 1989 merger of Harvard School for Boys and Westlake School for Girls, Hudnut made Harvard-Westlake his brainchild. Coaxing it through the early years, he expected nothing less than excellence in academics, […]

We need to clarify the Honor Code

There’s no doubt that the Honor Code is important to the community. Seventy-eight percent of students polled think so, and 82 percent of students believe in the Honor Code. But despite the overwhelming support of the 14-year-old code, 54 percent of students polled said it is not clear to them what constitutes an Honor Code […]

Thank you prefects, but separate from the board

By Judd Liebman I need to say thank you. Thank you to the prefects who have done what they were elected to do without asking for recognition. I asked if a simple change in the library was possible. It wasn’t anything special or even that important, but I thought it would be a good idea. […]

Definition of an athlete

By Justine Goode My name is Justine, and I’m an athlete. I still can’t type that sentence without finding it hilarious. I was always the one girl who didn’t play on an AYSO soccer team, who would have rather stayed in class than go to P.E., who dreaded the Presidential fitness tests. I’ve always been […]