The actor within

By Saj Sri-Kumar Before this school year, I can’t remember ever setting foot on the Rugby Auditorium stage. Until September, I had never enrolled in a performing or visual arts class at the Upper School, coming very close to not finishing my graduation requirement. Today, however, I find myself spending more time in Rugby than […]

Why isn't African history taught in history class?

By Alex McNab If black people are African-Americans, why does black history start when we were stolen from Africa? I began asking myself this question last December when I first picked up a copy of “Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience.” This book, edited by Harvard University professors Kwame Anthony Appiah […]

Don’t make us empty promises

Semiformal had hype. That’s one reason it was popular, and a big reason it’s been missed. At the opening ceremony on the first day of school this September, the Prefects ushered us into the school year by telling us that we are the students who get to establish a lasting tradition that we really want. […]

Applying to college, finding myself

By Abbie Neufeld I can finally say that I am done with my college applications. Each yellow box on that signified an application was in progress has now turned into a green triangle, and what a beautiful sight all those green triangles are. It was a long and hard process. I cannot estimate the […]

Tell us more about what’s going on

We can see why “The Laramie Project” nearly sold out on Friday and Saturday night. It’s a shocking story sprinkled with humor and acted with sincerity and candor. Last week the cast performed scenes at class meeting, giving us a peek at their show that made us want more. So students came to Rugby Auditorium […]

Sequester us the right way

By Rebecca Nussbaum Quarantine is a practice used by doctors in the Middle Ages and by Harvard-Westlake teachers. Let me elaborate. Both my biology and physics midterms were morning exams, so to avoid the conflict, my biology exam was moved to the afternoon. After taking my physics test, I was escorted to the Emery Room, […]

‘I cannot translate my experience’

By Allana Rivera   These are the times I wish I were Ernest Hemingway. The times where I am feeling the grooves of the cobblestone beneath my feet as if the stones were braille and the streets a book. The times where the fresh smell of baked bread mixes with the crisp morning air, and […]

Prejudice, as taught to you by society

  By Alex McNab Fifty years ago, black people fighting to be equal to their white counterparts were sprayed by police with fire hoses. One month ago, Occupy Wall Street protesters fighting for equality to their upper class counterparts were sprayed by police with fire hoses. Fifty years ago, black people fighting to be equal […]

Being sick is hard enough

By Michael Rothberg Anyone who has ever been sick knows that it’s not easy. Even the common cold has the ability to make one’s daily routine into a miserable fight. The near constant nose-blowing, sneezing and coughing makes it difficult to do much of anything besides sleep. Combined with the focus and critical analysis demanded […]

Curiosity is no killer

By Allison Hamburger A few weeks ago, I lost my pencil case. (Fascinating, I know. Bear with me.) After searching places I had potentially left it, it occurred to me to check Lost and Found, but I had no clue where it is located. So I asked. And I soon realized how foreign the situation […]