Photography students interview director

Photography III students interviewed director Lynn Novick about her latest documentary, “The Vietnam War,” over livestream to gain inspiration for their upcoming photo show. However, due to opposing viewpoints about the war and the large number of comments, Novick did not respond to student’s questions. Emma Spencer ’18, who participated in the livestream, said that […]

Say cheese: alumni capture student life with photos

Visual arts teacher Kevin O’Malley commissioned three alumni to take photographs of alumni and students for an upcoming art show titled ‘Decades.’ Curatorial assistant at the Hammer Museum January Parkos-Arnall ’96 is organizing the show, which is part of the 25th Anniversary Alumni celebration. Michele Asselin ’90, an editorial photographer whose work has been featured […]

Artist collaborates with Photography I students

Photography I students logged onto Skype Friday to learn about documentary photography from Montreal-based photographer Tema Stauffer. “It’s always beneficial for students to get a fresh perspective on course material being offered by someone outside of our everyday school environment,” photography teacher Joe Medina said. “Especially by someone as authentic and established as Tema.” Stauffer’s […]

Capturing Culture

A 10-year-old Arianna Shooshani ’18 borrowed her mom’s DSLR camera and ventured into her backyard. There, she played with the settings and shot images of the plants and objects around her. Shooshani is a two-time winner of YoungArts. This year she became a finalist in the competition, and she received an honorable mention last year […]

Discovery through lenses

Olivia Bautista ’18 stands at the Starfish Impact School in Guatemala and plays a video of her grandmother talking in Spanish about how, when she was 12 and living in Mexico, she could no longer afford to attend school. Tears fill in the eyes of several Guatemalan teenage girls at the school to whom this […]

Music was medicine for former Khmer Rouge child soldier

Music was medicine for former Khmer Rouge child soldier

In 1975, Cambodia faced a genocide that killed more than 20 percent of its population. Headed by Pol Pot, the Khmer regime murdered, brutalized and dehumanized its own people. Schools were turned into prisons and torture centers that held the elite members of Cambodian society. Just 30 years later, I was given the opportunity to […]

Art students to post lunch photos on site

Middle school photography teacher Joe Medina has launched a Tumblr page for a new art project titled, “One Moment One Meal One Photograph,” which will include photos of different meals by photography students and artists from around the globe. Anyone is free to participate by eating and taking a photo of a meal at exactly […]

Art classes display 'best work of the year'

The Senior Art show was scheduled to take place in the Feldman-Horn gallery on Tuesday, May 28, exhibiting all the senior artists’ works from glass to painting. The show comprising what seniors individually dub their “best work,” includes pieces from students’ sophomore, junior and senior years. The gallery exhibited seniors’ works from a multitude of […]