High Stakes: Meet the Players

High Stakes: Meet the Players

The ability to problem-solve effectively is very important to Austin* ’16, which is why he discussed current events every week with the Society of Global Affairs and did Ethics Bowl last year. “I like to think that everything I do is related to problem solving because I think that’s what you do in a career,” […]

Musicians play in jazz concert

At the Jazz Band’s “Evening of Jazz Combos” show on Friday and Saturday night, more than 35 songs were played by eight combos. “It was a great experience getting to play in a small group and getting to know the other Jazz musicians at Harvard-Westlake,” drummer Sophia Dienstag ’17 said. The combos ranged from four […]

12 acts in 13 quotes

13 students talk about the 12 plays they wrote to be performed April 24-26 at the Playwrights’ Festival. Sabrina Batchler ’15 “Bromeo and Julius” “It is a parody of ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ but it’s the bromance version in which the two characters are separated because their parents catch them smoking weed together.” Covi Brannan ‘15 […]

One Call at a Time

One Call at a Time

“Hi, this is Teen Line, my name’s Lily,” Alexa Nourafchan ’17 answered the phone, giving a fake name, as is Teen Line policy. She arrived at the offices in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for her weekly evening shift, but this one was different — it was her first time answering a real call on the line, […]

Soma Club raises money for the disabled

The Upper School’s Soma Club was scheduled to hold a concert Aug. 31 to raise money to help a disability center in Burundi. The club will use the donations to purchase wheelchairs, crutches, shoes and vaccines and ship the equipment to the missionary who runs the center. The hour-long concert at the Shalom Disability Center […]

Walch researches book in Paris

Performing arts teacher Ted Walch spent his second summer in Paris researching the lead actor of his favorite film in hopes of writing a book next year. In the second semester of Cinema Studies, Walch shows his students “The 400 Blows,” a 1959 French film directed by François Truffaut, starring Jean-Pierre Léaud. Walch says he […]

Highstakes: Finalizing the college process

Each year the Chronicle follows the paths of four seniors through their college processes. Their identities are kept anonymous until the final issue. The Artist: Blair* spent a month in Dublin, Ireland studying acting at Trinity College. Blair recorded various types of songs at the studio, such as Irish Folk songs. She plans to attend […]

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Two days after tearing her skin off with Sally Hansen’s Wax Strips, Kristen Gourrier ’16 was in the emergency room with a third-degree chemical burn. Gourrier’s friend had placed a waxing strip made of chemicals rather than wax on her upper lip, and when she ripped the strip off, Gourrier’s skin had turned red. “I […]

Election season

When Amelia Miller ’15 got home one day last week, she found a group of people admiring temporary tattoos that said “Matt Miller for Congress, Endorsed by the Los Angeles Times.” Miller’s father, Matt, is running his campaign to represent California’s 33rd Congressional District out of their house. There are 17 other candidates vying to […]

Oh, Mother#@%&*!

“F***!” Dominique Gordon ’15 yelped in shock after a piece of celery hit her face in the middle of English class. Aaron Esagoff ’15 had thrown the piece to his friend who wanted celery, but accidentally hit Gordon instead. Immediately after she screamed the curse word, Gordon’s face turned bright red, and her first instinct […]