Campus construction on schedule, to conclude by late August

By Michael Sugerman The two major construction  projects on the upper school campus are both on schedule to be completed by the end of summer, and the floor of the deep end of the new swimming pool will be finished by mid-May, Director of Campus Operations and Construction JD De Matté said May 16. Workers […]

Technology is taking over

By Rachel Schwartz The first night I had my iPhone 4S, I asked Siri, the new program that responds to vocal commands, what the weather for the next day would be. “What did you say?” my mother called to me from down the hall. “I was talking to Siri,” I replied. My exchange with Siri […]

She sees 20/20 out of only one eye

By Lara Sokoloff She sat down and removed a plastic bag from her backpack. She unzipped the bag and placed five glass eyes of various sizes across the table. “You can tell by the size that this is one of my early ones,” Jackie Arkush ’12 said. “And this is the first one. I had […]