Performing Arts Department hosts Playwrights Festival meeting

Performing Arts Department faculty hosted an information session Sept. 9 for the Playwrights Festival, an annual opportunity for students to write and perform in plays. In the session, they described the program’s timeline for prospective authors who will now begin the writing process at home. Martin expects plays to be performed live Performing Arts Technical […]

Performing arts department releases selected plays

The names of 13 plays chosen for production in the school’s annual Playwright’s Festival were released Tuesday night. Student playwrights worked on their plays from October 2017 to February 2018. Auditions for roles in the Festival begin March 6 and end March 8. The plays will be produced in May. The selected plays are as […]

12 plays selected for Playwrights Festival

Performing arts teacher and Playwrights Festival producer Christopher Moore announced the titles of 12 plays that the school will produce for the 2017 Playwrights Festival. The Reading and Selection Committee, comprised of 33 community members and industry professionals, read through 37 plays before making their decisions. Auditions for the Playwrights festival begin Monday and will […]

Students direct productions for Playwrights Festival

Students direct productions for Playwrights Festival

Sixteen students wrote 13 student-written plays for the Playwrights Festival 2016, which took place in Rugby Theater April 28-30. Drama teacher Christopher Moore directed and led students throughout its production and organized the event as a whole. The festival was comprised of performances that ranged from political commentaries to genres such as horror and comedy. […]

Three fire alarms interrupt Playwrights Festival

Three fire alarms interrupt Playwrights Festival

Performers and audience members attending the Playwrights Festival were required to evacuate Rugby Theater twice Saturday night after someone allegedly pulled the fire alarm three separate times, Playwrights Festival Producer Christopher Moore said at the event. The alarm went off two times during the first performance of the night, “The 1997 Possession Park Massacre” by Jillian Sanders […]

13 one-acts chosen for Playwrights Festival

The 13 student-written plays selected for the 2016 Playwrights Festival were announced Saturday by performing arts teacher and Playwrights Festival producer Christopher Moore. Auditions for the festival will take place Tuesday and Wednesday after school in the drama lab, and performances of the plays will take place April 28-30. A 34-member committee, led by Moore, selected the […]

Student actors chosen for Playwrights Festival

A full cast list and rehearsal room schedule for the Playwrights Festival was announced by performing arts teacher Christopher Moore in an email Monday to all of the auditioning students. Sixty-five roles were available to the 26 boys and 55 girls who auditioned. Because a specific number of boys and girls were needed, 21 girls were cut, […]

12 plays chosen for Playwrights Festival

A dozen plays selected for the Playwrights Festival were announced Friday by Performing Arts teacher and festival producer Christopher Moore. Students will audition for parts before eventually performing the plays. A list of the selected plays is included below. “A Little help From My Friend” by Jared Gentile ’16 “Bromeo and Julius” by Sabrina Batchler […]

Playwrights Festival audition materials released

Upper school students can now access the Playwrights Festival audition information for auditions that will take place Feb. 18-19 in the Drama Lab. Festival producer and performing arts teacher Christopher Moore emailed students a link through which they can access the materials. Students will need to type in their Harvard-Westlake username and password to access […]