Tapping Into Our Inner Child

Last year, my mom decided to try something: a Gratitude Jar. Think a swear jar, but instead, every day, you place a post-it note with something you’re grateful for. When I first heard it, I thought it was an awfully cheesy idea. It would never work. I am awful at keeping up day to day […]

Daydreaming provides break from the ‘informational flow’

Daydreaming provides break from the ‘informational flow’

At 13 years old, Elliot Kang ’16 imagined what it would be like to be the protagonist from his favorite show, “Dragon Ball Z.” The latest episode in his series of superhero daydreams frequently interrupted his learning in math class. “I wouldn’t get much done because I would be thinking about possibilities rather than what […]

Students buy tank for fish in library

Victoria Keating ’16, Jessie Pfeifer ’16, Chloe Shi ’16 and English teacher Malina Mamigonian raised $329 in a bale sale yesterday to pay for new tanks and supplies for the two library fish. A poll to decide the fish’s names was held during the bake sale. It was decided that the goldfish would be named […]

Students on college tour protest Indiana law

The Bison college tour was scheduled to visit the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, April 1 in the midst of a national controversy over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The law, signed into action March 26, less than a week before the college tour was to visit the campus, allowed any individual […]

Choir groups win awards during Spring Break tour

The Wolverine Chorus, Chamber Singers, Bel Canto, and Jazz Singers won a total of seven awards, as well as one solo award for Benny Weisman ’15 at the Heritage Festival in Santa Clara during the past week. The all-male Wolverine Chorus won Gold Rank first place in Men’s Choral Division IIIA and an Adjudicator Award. […]

Choirs compete in Festival Clinic Concert

Students in Bel Canto, Chamber Singers and Wolverine Chorus competed in the Festival Clinic Concert March 24 in Rugby Auditorium. Due to lack of signups from other choirs, Harvard-Westlake was the only school to participate in the competition this year. “It was more like a choir clinic for us to receive criticism for the songs […]



All students attending Harvard-Westlake have gone through its application process, most with help from parents or guardians. Youna Choi’s ’17 experience was different from others’. Her mother speaks Korean and has a limited understanding of English, something that led to problems when she applied to high school. Choi’s older sister, Eojin Choi ’14, helped her […]

Teachers visit India on immersion grant

Art teachers Cheri Gaulke and Claire Cochran traveled to India during winter break on a faculty fellowship bestowed by Harvard-Westlake’s Cultural Heritage and Arts of India Club and the Gunter-Gross Asia Initiative. “We got a grant from the school to investigate art,” Gaulke said. “We were looking at miniature paintings and dance. I was videotaping, […]

Ethics Bowl competitors take 5th place

Harvard-Westlake participants took fifth place in the Annual Southern California High School Ethics Bowl, winning two rounds out of three rather than losing two rounds as previously thought. The team received an email Dec. 23 informing them of the change in the standings. The team of seven students, including Cameron Cabo ’16, David Ozen ’16, […]

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