Students protest to raise awareness for environmental problems

In order to demand action regarding climate change, students skipped class to participate in an international, youth-led strike at Los Angeles City Hall on March 15. In the past four years, global temperatures have reached unprecedented highs, according to CNN. Across the world, extreme weather conditions such as floods, wildfires and droughts occur with increasing […]

Stop, drop and download: school promotes emergency information app ‘Crisis Manager’

Faculty introduced the school’s specifically adapted page on the emergency information app, Crisis Manager, on April 19 during an all-school assembly. Science Teacher Wendy Van Norden and Upper School Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado collaborated to create better emergency plans and add all the necessary information to the school’s page. “The Crisis Manager app is our […]

Cafeteria sells new Preciado sandwich

Several times a week since 2009, Attendance Coordinator Gabriel Preciado has requested the same sandwich from the school sandwich bar. But recently, Preciado has been receiving questions and compliments about it from people including Upper School dean Kyle Graham. Now anyone can order “The Preciado” by name. His order consists of a selection of his […]

Lowest attendance occurs before break

Friday, March 21 was the second worst attendance day in school history. On the day before spring break, 20 percent of the student body was absent from school. The worst attendance day was April 2005 on “ditch day,” according to school attendance coordinator Gabe Preciado. While the absences in 2005 were largely due to students […]

Attendance drops due to Coachella Music Festival

Attendance dropped in upper school classes today as students travelled to the first weekend of the Coachella Music Valley Festival April 11- 14. It is unknown how many students in total are missing school because of the event, but a fourth period class had 11 out of 29 students absent on April 11. Only six […]

Parents to resolve absences online

A new system for submitting parent notes has recently gone live on the Parent Portal. With the new electronic note sending system, when  students have an unresolved absence on their record, a parent is automatically sent an email notification informing them of the absence. The system was created over the summer by software development manager […]