A plea to prefects

A plea to prefects

During the election process, Prefect Council candidates are not allowed to campaign outside of designated assemblies and webinars, a necessary rule protecting the psychological well-being of students. Running for a position of power is a tough task, as one must devise an appealing campaign to win the trust of their peers. However, along with campaigning […]

Prefects host miniature activities fair in Chalmers

Prefects host miniature activities fair in Chalmers

Prefect Council hosted an Activities Fair for new clubs to share their interests with students in Chalmers East on Monday. New clubs implemented The event featured the seven new clubs that will meet during second semester. The new clubs include Mountain Biking Club, Baking Club, and Songwriting Club. “I like how everyone at school feels […]

Prefects implement Orange Sheet system

In order to eliminate miscommunication between students and teachers, Prefect Council implemented a new Orange Sheet system, which students will use to move a test when they have three or more on the same day, junior prefect Michael Lehrhoff ‘20 said. Prefect Council announced the new initiative in an email to the student body Nov. […]

Juniors elect Prefects, will vote in runoff

  Juniors elected JP Cherry ’18, Princie Kim ’18 and Sarah Conway ’18 to serve as Senior Prefects for the 2017-2018 school year. Students heard speeches in Rugby Auditorium on Wednesday. Eli Timoner ’18 and Harry Gestetner ’18 will compete in a runoff for the final male prefect position. Juniors will receive an email to […]

Prefect Council changes colors of graduation gowns

The administration and Prefect Council jointly decided to end the commencement tradition of male seniors wearing black robes and female seniors wearing white robes in order to create a more inclusive community. They hope that this change will prevent the confinement of individuals to specific genders and break the separation between boys and girls at […]

Convocation invests prefects, honors 25th anniversary

Convocation invests prefects, honors 25th anniversary

As the fourth annual all-school convocation ceremony Monday celebrated the 25th year of the union of the Harvard School for Boys and the Westlake School for Girls, Head Prefects Matt Thomas ’17 and Cate Wolfen ’17 directed students to appreciate the process of achieving results and to challenge themselves this year. Thomas shared his experience with the boys’ […]

Video: Senior Ring Ceremony

Seniors were welcomed to their final year at Harvard-Westlake with class rings and keychains, Sept. 9. The Senior Prefects spoke and the Chamber Singers performed two pieces. President Tom Hudnut closed the last ceremony before his retirement with a few remarks.  Video by Henry Hahn, Jack Goldfisher and Mazelle Etessami.  Photo Gallery: Senior Ring Ceremony

Junior prefects elected without runoffs for 2012-13 school year

By Michael Rothberg Henry Hahn ’14, Oliver Goodman-Waters ’14, Ashley Sacks ’14 and Mazelle Etessami ’14 won the election for 2012-2013 Junior Prefects, Upper School Dean Tamar Adegbile said. Incoming Head Prefect Katie Lim ’13 said last week that she expected a runoff election including some of the 12 candidates, but it was not deemed necessary based on […]

We need to clarify the Honor Code

There’s no doubt that the Honor Code is important to the community. Seventy-eight percent of students polled think so, and 82 percent of students believe in the Honor Code. But despite the overwhelming support of the 14-year-old code, 54 percent of students polled said it is not clear to them what constitutes an Honor Code […]

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