Weddington opens to community

Weddington opens to community

Weddington Golf & Tennis facilities are now open for student and employee use free of charge after the school officially closed escrow on the property in early January. The facilities, which include tennis courts and a driving range, were purchased in October with the intention of building a Community Athletics Center, putting plans to build […]

Administrative heads speak on their visions for the school

Administrative heads stressed the importance of fostering a supportive community and announced the introduction of various programs at the State of the School on Wednesday. President Rick Commons addressed the visions for 2020 in the context of a letter written by a parent who felt there was an “all prep, no school” mentality at the […]

A step in the right direction

In the condensed new mission statement, the most significant change lies in the phrase, “the joyful pursuit of educational excellence.” It acknowledges the emotional aspect of learning, reminding the community that academics are about more than just tests and GPAs. While the new statement retains the school’s focus on excellence, its tone is kinder and […]