Huybrechts approves fan behavior rules

By Austin Block   Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts has approved the Fan Behavior and Sportsmanship Review Committee’s proposal to improve fan behavior after the Faculty Advisory Council endorsed the document at its Oct. 26 meeting. The proposal has five recommendations, the first of which is to “establish and communicate expectations for student behavior and […]

Thank you for paying attention

Two days ago, after complaints from parents, FAC voted to maintain the status quo: the school year will start as always on the Wednesday after Labor Day, semester break will remain intact and midterms will begin just before the Martin Luther King, Jr. three-day weekend. We just want to say, to those involved, thanks for […]

Calendar reverts to status quo

By Alexia Boyarsky The 2009 schedule will remain the same as this year, with school starting after Labor Day and midterms at the end of January, Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts said Monday night after a vote by department heads. After “overwhelming” protests from parents, Huybrechts asked the Faculty Academic Committee to reconsider the schedule […]

FAC to vote on proposed second break

By Nicki Resnikoff The Prefect Council has proposed a second break period in addition to the one on Mondays, which they hope will be approved and become effective early this year. The idea was conceived at the beginning of last year. The proposal is meant to address the problem of a lack of free time […]

Student Government prefects evaluate success of merger

By Danny Nessim Increasing the number of Student Government meetings to twice or three times a week is one of the proposals Student Government is making in evaluating the success of the first year of merged government. They also passed a separate proposal on Monday that would increase the involvement of non-elected students in the […]