Fire alarm interrupts Les Miserables performance

Fire alarm interrupts Les Miserables performance

Attendees of the fall musical “Les Miserables” were required to evacuate Rugby Theater Thursday evening after the fire alarm was set off. The alarm was triggered during the song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” in the first act. Performers continued singing until the end of the song, at which point Performing Arts teacher Ted Walch told attendees they […]

Students chat with Uber, Checchi Capital execs

Conrad Whelan of Uber as well as Adam Checchi ’95, Sam Pfister ’95 and Danny Seo ’96 of Checchi Capital Advisors, a Beverly Hills based investment advisor, offered students career and life advice during lunch Friday. HW Venture set up the event as part of its first installment of its Lunch and Lecture Series. HW […]

Students fill quad to take part in 'Harlem Shake'

Students headed to the the quad during Activities Period on Wednesday to dance the ‘Harlem Shake,’ a popular dance meme sweeping the Internet. Justin Berman ’13 kicked off dancing wearing a Wolverine head before hundreds of students, some in costume, joined in. A video of the event, which was organized through Facebook by students, was recorded and […]