Party themes shouldn't degrade women

Variations on the phrase “Bros and Hoes,” seem to inspire the theme of every private high school party I hear of: “CEOs and Office Hoes,” “Dinosaurs and Sluts,”  “Football Bros and Cheerleading Hoes,” are some of the invitations I’ve noted on Facebook and by word of mouth. My indignation at this phenomenon isn’t to say […]

Courtney* chooses Williams

Courtney* Caitie Benell ’13 has finished her college process and is overjoyed with the results. “I visited Williams on Sunday [Sept. 30],” Benell said. “I will apply early decision and they will support my application.” While she is excited and happy, Benell is still a little bit stressed since she needs to keep up her […]

School transitions to Google Drive online storage system

Thanks to Ethan Madison’s ’15 initiative, Harvard-Westlake has adopted Google Drive as a media platform and created accounts for all students and faculty. Students do not sign into their drives directly through Google. They go through the same authentication server that signs them into The Hub. Each student’s user-name and password is the same as […]

Admit One

Waiting alone in a local Starbucks, Andrew Meepos ’13 sips a coffee as he waits to meet a complete stranger. Strewn across the table in front of him are concert tickets that he has sold over the internet. Meepos uses Craigslist or Stubhub to re-sell tickets to concerts. He spends a couple of hours each […]

Junior addresses conference in Mandarin

Hang Yang ’14 spoke in Shanghai at the July international conference for the World Leading Schools Association. A native Mandarin speaker, Yang was talking to Head of Upper School Audrius Barzdukas, who sent him to meet with President Thomas C. Hudnut, vice-president of the organization. Hudnut invited Yang to speak at the three-day event. “He […]

New faces on campus: Christopher Jones

Having endured freezing winters his entire life, Upper School Dean Christopher Jones is looking forward to a California winter. “You get to a point where that cold really gets in your bones and you kind of can’t thaw out,” Jones said. In July, Jones moved with his wife and two daughters (7 year old Avery […]

Gaulke explores motherhood, feminism in regional exhibitions

By Rachel Schwartz An art exhibition at the Santa Monica Airport gallery called “Breaking in Two: Provocative Visions of Motherhood” features a dyptich that includes images of upper school Visual Arts department chair Cheri Gaulke’s daughters Xochi and Marka Maberry-Gaulke ’12. One picture in the dyptich features her daughters posed like the William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s, mimicking […]

Beijing students stop during college tour to visit school, attend classes

By Rachel Schwartz Twelve Beijing teenagers were surprised by the sense of freedom and teamwork they observed in the classes they audited during their visit to the Upper School on Feb. 1. The High School No. 1 Affiliated to Beijing Normal University visited some of the most prestigious universities in the country, and Harvard-Westlake hosted […]

Egg cartons soundproof walls of noisy MiniMudd library

By Rachel Schwartz What appears to be textured wallpaper in MiniMudd library is really a puzzle of cardboard egg cartons plastered on the walls to soundproof the temporary space. Maintenance imported the cartons from Texas as a low-cost solution to the intense noise problem in the smaller library. Librarians didn’t want to invest in an […]