Performing arts conflicts take students from athletic practices

By Robbie Loeb Before the volleyball game against Loyola, Head of the Performing Arts Department Rees Pugh interrupted practice and insisted that setter Stephen Carr ’12 leave to rehearse for a One Act play in which he was co-starring. Pugh told Head Coach Adam Black that at this school, performing arts rehearsals take precedence over […]

‘That Darn Cat’

By Ali Pechman The school’s resident feline and miscreant known only as TDC (That Darn Cat) was caught two weeks ago by performing arts department technical director Josh Levy ’99. TDC was taken to a Van Nuys animal shelter, where it was given shots and put up for adoption, Head of Performing Arts Rees Pugh […]

Seniors step in for cinema studies teacher

By Reina Factor The customary pranks played on unsuspecting substitute teachers would not work on these Cinema Studies substitutes.  They had taken time out of their own class schedule to teach the class.  Although they had been pupils just a period ago, as sixth period began, seniors Drew Foster and Max Grey took charge of […]

Celebrities prepare students with 'audition from hell'

By Ali Pechman “Hey, Tom Hanks again,” Kat Arenella ’10 heard across the Drama Lab Jan. 15, as Tom Hanks called her phone. “I saw you at the audition, and I thought you were really great. My friends and I are getting together for a party, so if you want to come…” Arenella has three […]

Activist, producer to speak at assembly

By Ali Pechman Sound difficulties that plagued last year’s production of “Company,” such as static and microphone failure, will be eliminated by the purchase of an entirely new $120,000 sound system for Rugby Theater, arriving in its entirety this month.  The new system includes custom-made speakers with amplifiers built in, all new wireless Sennhesier microphones […]

Maintenance storage room turns into scenery shop

This summer, the maintenance storage room in Hamilton Gym was divided to make a workshop for Rees Pugh, Head Carpenter. Scattered with old shower heads and lavatories, in recent years the room was used by the maintenance staff as extra storage space. Pugh, the set builder for middle and upper school plays, used to build […]