Oh Baby

When AP Chemistry teacher Krista McClain found out she was pregnant, her greatest worry was not the prospect of becoming completely responsible for another person. “My biggest concern wasn’t about becoming a mom, or how it was going to affect my finances or change my life. My biggest concern was how this is going to […]

Three-minute midterm

Props in hand, students in the Kutler Center’s Philosophy of Art and Science class stepped onto the dimly lit stage of Rugby Auditorium for their three-minute long semester exam. “Part of the Kutler approach is to find alternative ways of evaluating work,” performing arts teacher Ted Walch said. He and math teacher Kevin Weis designed […]

High Stakes: Seniors receive admissions decisions

Phillip*, The Athlete Phillip received a shock last Wednesday when he was deferred from Harvard. “It was pretty disappointing but I’m trying to take it in stride,” Phillip said. “I still have a pretty good chance of getting in since I have until January to keep getting better at my sport and to keep talking […]

Wangs give $5 million to renovate Reynolds

A $5 million donation from Walter and Shirley Wang (Walter ’13, Chantalle ’17, Matthew ’18) will supplement the $1.5 million already raised to completely renovate Reynolds Hall. Chief Advancement Officer Ed Hu said Reynolds Hall has been a fundraising priority since completion of the Bing Performing Arts Center, Munger Library and expanded athletic facilities in […]

Senior helps schools form radio stations

School radio station KHWS inspired students at four other schools to start their own school-wide radio stations in recent months. A mix of students and faculty from Oakwood, Brentwood, Marlborough, and Beverly Hills High School have worked with Sam Wolk ’13, a founding member of KHWS, to figure out how to navigate the technical skills […]

Seniors move on to regular decisions

Doug*, The Brain  Doug submitted his single choice early action application to Princeton University more than a week ago and although he was excited, he does not feel much relief. “When I hit the submit button it didn’t really hit me until an hour later when I realized and said ‘wow.’ It’s not that much […]

Alumnus shares programming experience with Design and Data

Programmer Jason Fieldman ’98 told the Design and Data Structures Honors class the story of his career on Oct. 10, discussing Objective-C, Apple applications, iOS and entrepreneurship, all of which he says began with early exposure to computer science at Harvard-Westlake. Fieldman recounted how computer science has changed since the programming he learned in high […]

Party themes shouldn't degrade women

Variations on the phrase “Bros and Hoes,” seem to inspire the theme of every private high school party I hear of: “CEOs and Office Hoes,” “Dinosaurs and Sluts,”  “Football Bros and Cheerleading Hoes,” are some of the invitations I’ve noted on Facebook and by word of mouth. My indignation at this phenomenon isn’t to say […]

Courtney* chooses Williams

Courtney* Caitie Benell ’13 has finished her college process and is overjoyed with the results. “I visited Williams on Sunday [Sept. 30],” Benell said. “I will apply early decision and they will support my application.” While she is excited and happy, Benell is still a little bit stressed since she needs to keep up her […]

School transitions to Google Drive online storage system

Thanks to Ethan Madison’s ’15 initiative, Harvard-Westlake has adopted Google Drive as a media platform and created accounts for all students and faculty. Students do not sign into their drives directly through Google. They go through the same authentication server that signs them into The Hub. Each student’s user-name and password is the same as […]