Students perform in annual spring jazz concert

Students perform in annual spring jazz concert

About 70 students performed in the spring jazz concert April 20 in the Rugby Theater. The students have been rehearsing since the beginning of the year. There were six jazz groups that played in total. The middle school Jazz Band, Jazz Ensemble, Studio Jazz Band and Jazz Band played in the concert. There were also […]

Student plays to be performed in Rugby

Rugby Theater will showcase 13 student-written plays Thursday to Saturday for the annual Playwrights Festival. The plays were chosen by a committee led by performing arts teacher Christopher Moore, the festival’s producer. Some plays were assigned student directors, while others will be directed by professionals, including British television director David Shaughnessy and actor Bruce Young. […]

Amelia Miller '15 to give valedictory at graduation

Amelia Miller ’15 was named valedictorian at an annual ceremony Monday inducting 57 seniors in the top 20 percent of the class into the national Cum Laude Society. Miller will deliver the valedictory speech at graduation June 5. Following speeches made by history teacher and Cum Laude chapter president Ken Neisser and Head of School Jeanne […]

Photo Gallery: Advanced Dance II Showcase

The Advanced Dance II yearly showcase took place in Rugby Auditorium March 4, 5, and 6. This year’s show was movie-themed. The show was primarily choreographed by the Advanced Dance II students, Hallie Brookman ’12 said.  The showcase entailed 96 numbers, varying from group dances, to duets, to comedy scenes featuring Scene Monkeys. Each number […]

Sports Council votes on policy

 By Michelle Nosratian Sports psychologist Tom Crawford stressed the importance of honorable competition and the role of parents in their children’s sports lives at a Feb. 20 Parents Association event. Approximately 150 parents and administrators attended the speech in Rugby Theater. Crawford, who spent a decade as the director of coaching for the United States Olympic Committee, gave parents tips on […]

Vandals attack art projects in hallways

By Annie Dreyer After 24 years at Westlake and then Harvard-Westlake, art teacher Marianne Hall experienced something unprecedented in her career earlier this year: a piece of student artwork was defaced. An unknown agent vandalized part of Katherine Treuer’s ’08 black and white expressionist drawing hung in Rugby, by filling part of it in with […]

Activist, producer to speak at assembly

By Ali Pechman Sound difficulties that plagued last year’s production of “Company,” such as static and microphone failure, will be eliminated by the purchase of an entirely new $120,000 sound system for Rugby Theater, arriving in its entirety this month.  The new system includes custom-made speakers with amplifiers built in, all new wireless Sennhesier microphones […]