FAC approves 6 Kutler Center courses

By Lara Sokoloff Six classes for the Kutler Center for Interdisciplinary Studies were approved by the Faculty Academic Committee at a meeting on Nov. 15. Videogame design will be taught by math teacher Jacob Hazard with help from experts in the field. The class will emphasize collaboration between computer oriented kids to do the programming […]

Encouraging a foreign outlook

These days, RSS feeds are dominated by breaking news updates about any of the United States’ three foreign entanglements and updates on the NIKKEI stock exchange. Businesspeople from every continent can be on the same conference call with relative ease.   And yet, a student can graduate from Harvard-Westlake having never taken a class that […]

Nature Boys

By Olivia Kwitny Stumbling upon a crevice in the mountain, where he can bury his scratched right hand, Roy Murdock ’11 uses every inch of muscle to swing himself onto the peak of the cliff. In a matter of seconds, all of the hard work of climbing the mountain becomes worth the 1.5 seconds of […]

Trio goes green

By Faire Davidson Going green has been a goal this year for the school. The middle schoolers lost their water bottles and gained filtered water fountains with more plans under way. Adam Rothman ’09, Ben Barad ’09 and Bobby Kazimiroff ’09 were approached by science teacher Antonio Nassar last November asking them to investigate how […]

Dressed to teach

By Julie Barzilay Some Fridays are special because the cafeteria staff barbeques burgers to welcome a new month. Some bring performances or championships. But every Friday that foreign language teacher Javier Zaragoza can remember since he started teaching at Harvard-Westlake in 1988 has been unique for another reason: he takes his own personal “casual Friday” […]

Take tech talks up a notch

Because students are typically more technology-savvy than teachers, it seems logical that how technology is used in and out of the classroom should be a decision made jointly by teachers and their students. Teachers shouldn’t dismiss new technology without first asking the students. The students who attended Alan November’s technology presentation said that some of […]

Students get fanatic

By Cathi ChoiFanatic Fest began today on Ted Slavin field with water balloons, pie eating and tug-of-war. Eight students raced to finish their pies, hands tied behind their back, to an audience of screaming students decked out in red, white and black. To the side of the field, students dunked science teacher Christopher Dartt, upper […]

Coming back for more

By Annie Dreyer   When Ari Engelberg ’89 attended Harvard School for Boys, he visited teachers in their offices where Munger Science Center currently sits, performed labs in a building that has been replaced by Feldman-Horn and watched football games take place on a grass field, rather than turf. Now, 20 years later, he teaches US […]