Ready for Anything: Some Students Learn Self-Defense

Ready for Anything: Some Students Learn Self-Defense

No longer willing to put up with being bullied in preschool and elementary school, Kathryn Tian ’17 and her family looked to martial arts as a way for her to defend herself when she was seven years old.   “One of the kids […] tried to stab me in the eye with a stick on […]

Security has new leads in search for thief

Security continues to investigate the recent series of thefts in Chalmers primarily affecting the cheerleading squad. After a confirmed seven cheerleaders’ valuables were stolen during several practices in Chalmers, security began to adjust and add high definition cameras in the hallway to investigate the theft further. Following the Chronicle’s reporting of these thefts last week, […]

Security begins ALICE Training with sophomores

Students tackled and threw tennis balls at padded security guards during the first ALICE Training of the year, last week. Security guard Mark Geiger described procedures used during the circumstances of a forced entrance. Geiger told sophomores to attack the guard, rather than hiding ineffectively and defensively. “He told us about a Virginia Tech shooting […]

Thefts lead to tighter security at home games

Security at home games will be tightened after members of a visiting sports team were caught on videotape stealing cameras from unlocked lockers last week, Head of Security James Crawford said Wednesday. Crawford said a group of approximately four boys, wearing their team jerseys, went around locker areas opening lockers without locks and took three […]

Auction site experiences security breach

The Harvard-Westlake Parents’ Association Party Book fundraising website experienced a security breach last week, compromising bidders’ credit card information, President Rick Commons notified parents and faculty in an email March 5. Commons emphasized that the breach was limited to those who had used credit cards on the auction website and would not affect the school […]

New cameras surveil former construction areas

Forty cameras were installed on campus over the summer to increase security and will remain on campus, Head of Security Jim Crawford  said. “Most of the cameras are visible and will be used to keep intruders off campus and stop students and parents from being worried,” Crawford said. The security team aims to replace some […]