Taking a closer look at the American Civil War

By Nika Madyoon  While the American Civil War represents only a small fragment of all of the history that students are required to learn in their junior year, for Sam Ruddy ’11, it was much more. Ruddy spent about seven hours per week this school year exploring the Civil War, which usually takes no more […]

The search for the perfect coach

By Sam Adams The candidate arrived on campus a little before 8 a.m., dressed in a Sunday best navy suit and sporting slicked-back hair. He couldn’t be late to first period history class. Not if he wants the job, that is. Well into his 30s with an Olympic silver medal on his mantle, the Chalmers […]

Chinese dance connects junior to her heritage

By Julie Barzilay Sprained ankles, sore muscles and back problems are all typical injuries for dancers. But not many dancers complain of cuts on a regular basis — particularly not near one’s face. Nonetheless, Amy Zhang’s ’10 ear was cut during a dance rehearsal – the result of an oversized sword whirling above her head […]