Students, teachers start gender-identity conversations

Speakers discussing gender and sexuality discussion on campus have visited the school in an effort to bring greater awareness to gender-identity issues. This comes after recordings of a number of students using homophobic slurs were discovered. “I wanted to start this conversation because I think there has been so much silence on campus about transgender identities […]

Looking back at how the school has handled diversity issues this past decade

Looking back at how the school has handled diversity issues this past decade

On March 13, 2007, the administration suspended two sophomores who sent an email with a “diss tape” they had made that threatened violence and aimed homosexual slurs at other students. Ten years later, the conversation about students using offensive language on campus and on the Internet remains, most recently seen in the hiring of an […]

Still on the spectrum: identifying as asexual

Still on the spectrum: identifying as asexual

Amber* ’16 has always felt as though she was missing out on the “normal sexual discoveries” that her friends talked about in their conversations. Whenever her friends fawned over a “hot new celebrity,” she pretended to do so as well but never felt the kind of attraction that her friends described. It was only after […]

All-gender bathroom stirs opposition

Replacement of the sign on the boys’ single-stalled restroom on the first floor of Mudd Library with an all-gender sign to accommodate transgender or gender non-conforming students is creating backlash from some students. The single-person restroom that locks was previously one of the two men’s restrooms in the Mudd Library. Since the sign has been […]

GSA to pay for all-gender bathroom signs

The Gender-Sexuality Awareness Club will use money received from a club grant to change the existing signs on the doors of two single-stalled restrooms on the first floor of Mudd Library and the third floor of Chalmers Hall. The new all-gender signs will depict a toilet without male and female gender-binary images. “We want people […]

School to bring back gender, sexuality class

The Interdisciplinary Studies and Independent Research course “Gender and Sexuality” will return next year after being canceled this year due to low enrollment. The class, taught by English teacher Malina Mamigonian for juniors and seniors, will continue in the 2014-2015 term. According to the Curriculum Guide, the course “focuses on masculinity and relevant contemporary contexts […]

GSA changes name to broaden purpose

The Gay-Straight Alliance representatives changed the club’s  name to Gender Sexuality Awareness during their first meeting this year. Since the terms gay and straight only encompass two types of people, club leaders decided to broaden the name to incorporate all genders, sexes, and sexual preferences, co-president Liza Woythaler ’14  said.  The three co-presidents Levi Craske-Curtin […]

Outside the binary

As most teachers do on the first day of school, Spanish teacher Joaquin Fernandez-Castro began first period with a roll call. When he reached the name “Gabrielle*” ’14, however, he was corrected. He was not just pronouncing the name wrong — the name itself was wrong. Gabrielle wanted to be called Asher*. “Asher?” Fernandez-Castro said. […]

Hateful note targets gay student

    By Allegra Tepper An anonymous threatening and homophobic note left in an openly gay junior boy’s backpack led Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts and Head of Upper School Harry Salamandra to address all class meetings last week, in which they referred to the note as a disappointing anomaly. The note, which read, “If […]