Living off the grid

The grid dictates the layout of the Chronicle. If I could explain it I would, but the section I spend most of my time working on, Features, is “exempt” from following the almighty grid lines. This is because not all designs lend themselves well to a series of predetermined segments. Similarly, not all people fit […]

The Final Decision

Jackie Ridgley, The All-Around Having been admitted to Columbia University early decision, Jackie Ridgley ’14 decided to attend the school’s admitted students weekend. There she had the opportunity to meet other admitted students as well as spend time on campus. Ridgley particularly enjoyed participating in a bus tour of New York and meeting with one […]

Parenting Under the Influence

It was dark and neither Billy* ‘14 nor his younger sibling could see from their positions in the backseat of the car their father was driving. It was Thanksgiving, and the family was on its way back from dinner. Billy, then 8, felt a jolt of fear as the car lurched off the road, onto […]

Fosse biographer speaks on the importance of music in movies

 During a short break while guest teaching performing arts teacher Ted Walch’s Cinema Studies class March 10, Sam Wasson ’99 learned that his book “Fosse” about choreographer-director Bob Fosse was awarded Best Biography at the Los Angeles Festival of Books. Wasson, a Fosse expert, visited all of Walch’s Cinema Studies classes to discuss how to […]

Students mimic dance video game routines to celebrate end of school week

Once the clock strikes 2:35 on Friday afternoons, not every classroom gets a full weekend’s rest. Instead, the English classrooms in the Rugby annex welcome students once more, but not for poring over great works of literature — for dancing. One day around Halloween, Perren Carrillo ’15 hooked up his laptop to Rugby 222’s projector, […]

Cinematographer discusses career, filmmaking with Cinema Studies

Richmond began his career as a messenger boy for Pathway News. After declining an editor position, he worked for Danziger Studio and Bray Studios. After helping out with the movie “Call Me Bwana,” Richmond went on to work on a film in Israel. There he met cinematographer Nicolas Roeg, who hired him as a member […]

Senior tapes more than 100 "student humor" jokes

First, Aidan Yetman-Michaelson ’14 was told to order crumbly bread. Then, he was instructed to ask for oil. Next, he had to demand that the sandwich not be cut. While oil was smeared on the bread, shout that there’s not enough oil, and call the employee by name. Lastly, stuff the purchased sandwich down the […]

High Stakes: Hearing back from colleges

Melvin*, The Brain Out of the two schools he applied to, Melvin* has only heard back from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was deferred. He said it was “kind of disappointing, but definitely not out of the blue.” Had he been accepted to MIT early action, he would have continued applying to schools. It […]

Dying to be thin

When Aurora* ’14 woke up on the floor of the dance locker room, she thought she must have died. Her first instinct was to reach for her thighs. “Nope,” she thought, “these are still here.” If she had died, she thought, at least she would be skinny. She had fainted and been unconscious for all […]

High Stakes: Finalizing early schools

Melvin*, The Brain Still very undecided about his college plans, Melvin will be applying Early Action to the University of Chicago, the University of Michigan and MIT. “I’d be happy to go to any of them,” he said. Melvin has yet to finish any of his applications, but he has started all of them. He […]