SAAC announces dodgeball tournament

By Charlton Azuoma The Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC) announced that there will be a dodgeball tournament this year at the Upper School. Although there has been a dodgeball tournament at the Middle School every year for the past six years, the event hasn’t been replicated at the Upper School until now. “Everybody loved the […]

Thank you everyone, I’ll miss you

By Austin Block I always get made fun of for being the happy columnist on Chronicle. I’m too bubbly, people say. Too optimistic. Too loving. I have too much faith in people in a harsh, cruel, angry, malevolent, unforgiving, directionless dog-eat-dog world. I should write a nasty column, they say, a sarcastic, withering attack on […]

Life goes on

By Drew Lash Life goes on. I’m going to graduate in a few weeks, and then all that stands between college and me is a few months of summer. I can’t wait! I’m going to be living my own life. I’ll be making new friends and having my own experiences. I’ll be living with someone […]

Notes to my 12-year-old self

by Sam Adams Just as I’ve gotten the hang of Harvard-Westlake six years later, it’s over. Great. I’m equal parts nostalgic about the time I’ve spent here and anxious about what the next step holds for me. Reminds me of myself six years ago, barreling toward graduation from my safe, tiny elementary school and embarking […]