Volunteers launch art enrichment programs for underprivileged

Justin Carr’s Dare to Dream Project took its fourth trip Saturday to Frank D. Parent Elementary School in Inglewood to lead art classes. The day focused on how to make collages. Justin Carr ’14, who died last February, believed that “art is very important to have as a child develops,” Carr’s mother Susan said. He […]

Big names of campus

Names like Seaver, Chalmers, Rugby and Mudd are all used daily to describe where classes are taught, where a test will take place or where to meet up with a friend. Before the names were signs on buildings, they were the names of people who taught at, donated to or studied on this campus, or emblems […]

Physics teachers take flight on 'Vomit Comet' modified aircraft, experience weightlessness

Physics teachers Karen Hutchison and Jesse Reiner experienced weightlessness aboard a Boeing 727 aircraft, which was modified to have reduced gravity. Hutchison and Reiner flew to San Jose Sept. 28 where the specialized aircraft, owned by ZERO-G Corporation, was set to take off. “We talk a lot about weightlessness in physics class, and we came […]

SAAC sponsors dunk tank at Homecoming

The Student-Athlete Advisory Council will host a dunk tank during Homecoming on Oct.  5. SAAC shirts will also be sold next to the tank. “We are having a dunk tank because we raise funds for our budget, use it as a time to sell shirts and for the students to enjoy,” Mintis Hankerson ’14 said. […]

Peer Support connects on retreat

A total of 54 Peer Support leaders and trainees bonded in team-building exercises such as a ropes course and an egg drop during their annual retreat at Temescal Canyon Gateway Park Sept. 20-22. The retreat was organized by school counselor Luba Bek and Director of Counseling and Psychological Services Kavita Ajmere. Both planned to attend, […]

Offices, classrooms undergo renovations

During the summer there has been a case of what Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts called “musical chairs” in Seaver, as well as construction in Rugby and the orchestra room. Various offices in Seaver were swapped and construction took place in order to create a new history classroom, Seaver 205, which previously housed offices for […]

Perfecting quadrocopters at JPL

Christian Stewart ’15 spent his summer as a paid intern at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, part of California Institute of Technology, working on quadrocopters, which are small four-rotor helicopters. JPL, funded by the United States government, is the laboratory that created innovations such as the Mars Rover, “Curiosity” and all the robots used by NASA. The […]

Freshman releases iOS application

Daniel Singer ’17 released his first commercially published app, ‘BackDoor’, in the iOS AppStore  July 24. BackDoor allows friends to anonymously message each other, sharing ideas and feelings without the need to identify themselves. The goal of the app is for users to find out who they are conversing with. Since the app draws from […]