Winter Chamber Music features small groups

Symphony orchestra, concert strings and wind ensemble combined to play in the Winter Instrumental Chamber Music Concert at 5 p.m. at Santa Monica 1st Presbyterian Church Sunday Feb. 23. Rather than multiple, large group pieces, performing arts teacher Mark Hilt divided the students into several chamber ensembles, the sizes of which range from duos to […]

'All of her six children were killed'

One thing was immediately noticeable as I stepped off of the plane: the smell of smoke, hanging thickly in the air. Later, I would discover that it was the smell of burnt trash, but at that time, my only thought was, “Finally. Rwanda.” I found out about the Investigative Journalism Adventure to Rwanda last summer […]

Jazz bands perform in Rubgy

Jazz classes performed in “An Evening of Big Band Jazz” Dec. 14, exploring both contemporary and classic jazz in Rugby auditorium. From 7-9 p.m., upper school performing arts teacher Shawn Constantino conducted the Studio Jazz Band, Jazz Band and the Jazz Ensemble in the annual winter jazz concert.  “The younger band, with a lot of […]

Dancers perform in charity show

Advanced Dance I will hold a special outreach performance showcase during school today. The showcase is for The Arc of the United States, an organization dedicated to helping adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The dances will be based on  fairytales, like the Ugly Duckling or the Evil Stepsisters. “I’m really excited to be a […]

Latino Club helps students apply to private high schools

The Latino Club is collaborating with an organization called Hype to connect with aspiring middle school students and get underexposed but high-achieving public school students into private high schools. Mentors employed by Hype help students with standardized test prep and applications before acceptance. After enrollment, the mentor accompanies the student’s parents to dean meetings and […]

Student drive collects used sports equipment

The Community Council sponsored the first Harvard-Westlake Sports Drive, collecting used sports equipment to donate to the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club. Community Council planned to incorporate community service into the Homecoming Dance, but ran into logistical issues, and decided to hold a drive on Homecoming day and the week of Oct. 7. The […]

Senior debater ranks in Texas tournament

Debater Annie Kors ’14 won sixth speaker in the Greenhill Fall Classic, which was held in Greenhill, Texas, Sept. 16. Kors dropped in octofinals, the round of sixteen, after going 5-1 in preliminary rounds. Julie Engel ’14 dropped in the first round of elimination, after going 4-2. Tommy Choi ’14 went 4-2, but did not […]

Record numbers attend summer classes

During the summer, 1,041 students took 1,487 classes with Harvard-Westlake’s extensive summer program, a record number.  This year, the program team added certain sports and extended others, leading to a higher enrollment of athletes. Students from other countries such as Korea, China, Singapore and Saudi Arabia also  enrolled in  various classes in the program. “The […]

Korean parents host annual dinner

Korean students, their families and various faculty members attended the 19th annual Korean American Parents Association dinner on Aug. 18. New President Rick Commons, Admission Director Elizabeth Gregory and Head of School Jeanne Huybrechts spoke words of encouragement to both the new and  returning students and their families. “I think one of the ways we […]