Stop Sucking

Stop Sucking

Let’s face it, you suck. I suck. We suck together. But we can stop sucking and that’s my challenge to you, HW. We at HW need to do our part to help reduce toxic plastic pollution. The Strawless Ocean Initiative of the Lonely Whale Foundation has started a campaign, #stopsucking, to encourage people to stop […]

Everlasting love

By Sonya Mitchell When one reminisces about the people one carpooled with in elementary school, one often recounts a time of nagging, whining and worrying about the other gender’s cooties. Suffice it to say, when Lindsay Rachelefsky ’97 and Daniel Weinstock ’96 met in carpool at John Thomas Dye, they had no idea that they […]

Frying under the sun

By Billy Goulston and Sonya Mitchell The many methods that are used to tan have turned what used to be a hobby into an art form.“I go to a tanning bed about once every two weeks,” said a senior who wishes to remain anonymous because of her parents’ disapproval. “You have to keep going to […]