Letter from the Editors: Fighting against fake news

Letter from the Editors: Fighting against fake news

Fake news. To some, it’s the Enemy of the People; to others, it’s just a joke. However, it’s not a concept to be taken lightly. At its most, fake news can sway an election. At its least, it can falsely manipulate the opinion of one person, impacting their thoughts and actions. In both cases, it […]

Seeing past polarization

I can’t often point to a singular experience that informed a moment of clarity in my life, but when my sister FaceTimed me as she packed up her dorm room after finishing her last final of her freshman year in college, she told me a story that did exactly that. Sitting on a bare mattress, […]

Seeing past our stars

Every night when I was a toddler, I sat on my couch sandwiched between its corner and my mom as she read me a bedtime story. My favorite story book, “The Sneetches” by Dr. Seuss, is about two types of creatures distinguished by the presence of stars mark their bellies. Those with stars thought they […]

Applying for two

By Sophie Mancall-Bitel At the quintessentially ivy-covered South Philadelphia campus of the University of Pennsylvania, there are about 60 Harvard-Westlake alums pursuing higher education. Of the 60, at least two are wandering from class-to-class holding hands. Although Carolyna DeLaurentiis ’06 and Steven Lundy ’06 chose to apply to the university separately, they had been dating […]