Holocaust survivor speaks to sophomore class

Holocaust survivor speaks to sophomore class

Holocaust survivor Michele Rodri shared her experience during the war, told about her life after and advised students to speak up against wrongdoings at the sophomore class meeting March 29. Rodri was born in Paris to a Jewish orthodox family. At seven years old, Rodri was picked up by SS officers, she said. Rodri said […]

Lola Clark ’17 steps on a bus, ready for a six-hour drive to Clemson University in South Carolina. While many of her peers are spending their spring breaks resting at home or traveling, Clark is preparing to see her 10th college in the past five days as part of a school-run tour. “I went into […]

New Asia initiative offers grant

By David Lim Deans announced in class meetings last week a new summer fellowship intended to “broaden and deepen the student’s understanding of Asian culture, history, and/or society,” according to an official description of the grant. The Gunter-Gross Asia Initiative, an Asian studies program launched last year, will award up to $3,500 to the winning […]

A letter of memories

By Olivia Kwitny I unsealed the letter. No, not the letter we seniors have been breathlessly expecting to receive in the mail all year, hoping it’s the acceptance letter to our dream college; no, not the letter from a sweet, doting grandmother or distant, withering uncle we haven’t seen in 12 years, telling us how […]

Sophomore to dance in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

By Jordan Freisleben A sophomore will be one of 50 dancers featured in the finale of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Thursday. Rebecca Hutman ’12 and the other dancers ranging from ages 10-18 will be performing at the end of the parade during the unveiling of the new Santa Claus float. Hutman first heard […]

Student discovers how to hack school server

A sophomore boy served an in-house suspension early last month after he posted instruction on how to crack the school’s server onto what the school called a “hacking website” over the summer, he said. “He claims that he wanted to see if it was possible to do this so that he could inform us of […]

Senior tip provokes threats

By Esther Zuckerman At the assembly Feb. 26 to announce what was to happen to the students who stole and distributed the World and Europe II and Spanish III midterms, Edward ’08* wanted to get up and speak. “I don’t think it would have been the best idea,” Edward said. “But I wanted to quell […]

Girls' volleyball earns state title with finals sweep

By Lucy JacksonKasey Kissick ’08 prepared to serve the final point of Saturday’s CIF Division III State Championship match in San Jose as the severely outnumbered Wolverine fans held up one finger. She served an ace, and the girls’ volleyball team celebrated in a huddle at mid court, much like the previous 19 games of […]

Sophomore golfer last representative in girls’ playoffs

By Cary Volpert The girls’ varsity golf team concluded its first season with Head Coach Amy Alcott at the helm last week.  Though they started their league season with 3-0 start in Mission League play, the Wolverines again finished in second in the Mission League standings behind Notre Dame. The team this year finished 9-1 […]