Zane Grenoble ’19 retraces path of Spanish Reconquista

Combining his interests in world history, poetry, the Spanish language and cycling, Zane Grenoble ’19 traveled to southern Spain to retrace the path of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar’s victories over the moors during the Reconquista. Grenoble, traveling alone, cycled roughly 200 miles from Albarracín and to Albufera over nine days following Vivar’s conquest. Vivar, also […]

Jake Robbins ’18 learned about Islamic Spain

Jake Robbins ’18 learned about Islamic Spain

Motivated by a debate with a friend over the origins of Islamic extremism, Jake Robbins ’18 studied Islamic Spain as part of the Iberian Latin American Fellowship for his HWGo! project this summer. Robbins spent two and a half weeks in Andalusia, Spain researching his project by comparing the economic, social and political conditions during […]

Jenny Yoon ’19 realized passion for classical Spanish guitar

Jenny Yoon ’19 realized passion for classical Spanish guitar

While Jenny Yoon ’19 grew up with a background in classical music, through HWGo! this summer she was exposed to a different style of music: classical Spanish guitar. Yoon has played the clarinet for eight years and will take AP Music Theory this year. “During my AP Spanish class last year, I started to become […]

Annual spring break trip to Spain now open for registration

Signups for the Spring Break trip to Spain will be available starting from Tuesday. Students will leave March 30 to Toledo, Spain and will return home on April 16. Spanish teacher Javier Zaragoza planned this trip to strengthen Spanish-speaking skills and to broaden students’ knowledge on Spain’s culture beyond the classroom. “I felt like the […]

Jazz Band to travel to Spain, Portugal on spring break trip

Jazz Band students and a select group of Studio Jazz Band seniors will tour Spain and Portugal during spring break. They will depart from Los Angeles March 25 and travel to Granada, Seville and Lisbon, returning April 3. The group will be traveling to schools for exchange concerts and activities with Spanish students during the […]

Spanish students supplement learning in Spain

Spanish students from eighth to 12th grade participated in the Aula Toledo and Escuela Montalbán educational programs while in Spain during spring break. They were paired up into groups of three or four to do activities such as treasure hunts and taking selfies with local monuments during the school day. They boarded in pairs with […]

Administration approves Spain trip

Students will have the opportunity to go on a two-week tour of Spain during spring break. The trip, chaperoned by Spanish teacher Javier Zaragoza, will be from March 21 to April 6. Students are scheduled to spend five days in Toledo and Valencia each. In these cities, students will participate in homestays and take Spanish […]

Joining Spain's victory celebration

  By Caitie Benell Fireworks exploded in the streets as people ran through with flags held high, singing songs and celebrating all night long. A parade in Madrid, and parties all week long brought Spain to life just because of one victory. Fireworks exploded in the streets as people ran through with flags held high, […]