Speaker educates faculty on cultural awareness

Sage Hill School teacher Drew Ishii presented his speech, ‘Asian-Americans and the Model Minority Myth,’ to educate faculty and staff about cultural awareness Wednesday. The school invited Ishii speak in order to help foster an inclusive environment for Asian American students, Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Janine Jones said. ‘We’ve heard from our Asian […]

Seismologist speaks to students about earthquakes

Seismologist Lucy Jones spoke to students and faculty about the history of earthquakes and their social effects, her involvement in earthquake research and the improvements that communities can develop to ensure minimal damage March 6-7. Jones is the founder and chief scientist of Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society and the developer of […]

Champion boxer speaks about boxing’s impact on his life

Champion boxer Ricky Quiles spoke to members of the Boxing Club on Monday about the positive impact boxing has had on his life. Quiles shared about his successes over his personal struggles with abusive parents and substance addiction. Club president Charles Connon ’18, who has been training with Quiles for 10 years, said he invited Quiles […]

Former Black Panther Party leader Ericka Huggins discusses intersectionality and activism

Black Panther Party leader, human rights activist and educator Ericka Huggins engaged in conversations with students and faculty about the intersection between the feminist and the civil rights movements and how students can take action against injustices Feb. 24. The Black Leadership and Culture Club decided to host Huggins to continue the conversations about race […]

Glenn Singleton advises community to engage in conversations about race

Glenn Singleton advises community to engage in conversations about race

Author and educator Glenn Singleton encouraged students and faculty members to engage in effective conversations about racial disparities at Wednesday’s all-school assembly. The Black Leadership, Awareness and Culture Club decided to host Singleton as their Black History Month speaker to help achieve their goal of fostering conversations about race and allowing all community members to […]

Wedding and fashion photographer speaks to students

Photographer Rebecca Yale ’06 spoke to Photography III students about her work as a professional wedding and fashion photographer and critiqued the students’ most recent project on Jan. 23. While visiting, Yale showed students some of her wedding and fashion photographs and discussed the struggles and rewards of being a professional photographer.  “My favorite part […]

Therapist speaks to ASiA club about mental health

Therapist speaks to ASiA club about mental health

Marriage and family therapist Jacqueline Liebman-Gentile (Kate Liebman ’09 and Judd Liebman ’12) visited ASiA club to speak to students about mental health. Club leaders said they decided to host Liebman-Gentile’s visit in light of the recent discussions about mental health occurring in Asia, which followed the suicide of K-pop star Kim Jong-hyun.   “It’s […]