Great speaker, not the right audience

Great speaker, not the right audience

With the new tradition of First and Third Wednesdays, increased efforts by the Fanatics to bolster attendance at athletic events, the introduction of Cinema Sundays and our upcoming Festival to Spring, our school has worked hard, and pretty successfully thus far, to try to unite our largely diverse student body and create a greater sense […]

HWPA speaker to focus on student well-being

The first speaker in the Harvard-Westlake Parents’ Association speaker series, focusing on students’ social and emotional well-being, will address the school at 7 p.m. on Oct. 21. The discussion will feature six speakers, four of whom work at Harvard-Westlake. The speakers are Director of Counseling and Psychological Services Kavita Ajmere, counselor Luba Bek, dean Kate […]

Journalism expert speaks to Chronicle staff

Student publication expert Ron Johnson spoke to Chronicle staff April 14 about news coverage and design technique in Weiler Hall. “He was really great,” Jacob Goodman ’15 said. “He brought an objective perspective that can be difficult to give to your own group. As a person who’s interested in graphic design it’s nice to get […]