Debate team hosts annual tournament

Harvard-Westlake hosted 290 debaters from around the country for its annual tournament, the Harvard-Westlake Debates, an octafinals qualifier to the Tournament of Champions. The four-day event began Jan. 17 and was divided into two tournaments: the debateLA Challenge, a round-robin competition where students can challenge each other to debates and the main event, a Lincoln-Douglas […]

Debate wins big at tournament

Five students cleared to eliminations round, and three debaters received speaker awards and reached the quarterfinals of the National Coaches’ Debate Association Tournament April 12-15 in Atlanta. Spencer Paul ’19 dropped in the final round on a 3-0 decision. After his successful tournament, Paul said that he and his teammates are already looking toward the […]

Debaters place at competition

Debate captain Indu Pandey ’18 won the second speaker award in the National Greenhill Fall Classic, adding to the team’s successful season. Seven students from the team attended the competition in Addison, Texas from Sept. 16-17. They participated in the Lincoln-Douglas division, in which debaters compete one-on-one on bimonthly assigned topics. Six of the seven […]