Calling out call-out culture

Calling out call-out culture

Rosetta Lee, educator and diversity consultant, made a resounding political statement in her speech to the Upper School: in addressing micro-aggressions, students ought to maintain respect for the person with whom they are engaging in dialogue. Lee’s speech came at a time of heightened political division under “call-out culture” across the American political spectrum. While […]

Rascoff ’93 writes bestselling book

“Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate,” written by real estate analytics company Zillow’s CEO Spencer Rascoff ’93 and published Jan. 27, debuted at the number two spot on The New York Times bestseller list and reached the number one position on Amazon’s bestseller list shortly after publication. In the book, Rascoff and Zillow […]

Fencing ends individual tournaments

By Will Baskin-Gerwitz After finishing with the last of their individual tournaments last Sunday, the fencing team is preparing for its two final team tournaments of the year, which will determine if the fencers can win another league title. As 2007 began, the team finally participated in tournaments that used all three weapons, epée, foil […]