Cheerleaders to compete with expanding program

By Micah Sperling The cheerleading squad is primed for this season with more members than ever before. This year, there are 23 cheerleaders on the team. In addition to cheering at the school’s sporting events, the team will take part in both dance and cheer competitions throughout the year. The team did not compete last […]

The responsibility is ours

Harvard-Westlake is littered with committees. And as if there weren’t already enough committees to keep track of on the upper school campus before this year, we can now add the sportsmanship review committee to that list. The sportsmanship committee’s proposals to change the culture of conduct at sporting events are likely to draw the ire […]

We make the grades

By Lesley Whitaker Over the course of the week, we will all receive our quarter grades. If you’re at all like me, your parents are surprised that you’ve been offering to bring in the mail these past few days, when really you’re sneaking a look for the thin standard size envelope, with the Harvard-Westlake crest […]