Club passes out ‘I am appreciated’ stickers

As part of their initiative to express gratitude on campus, Community and Character Committee members passed out stickers with the phrase “I am appreciated” after assembly Nov. 16. They encouraged students to give the stickers to other students, faculty and staff that they feel left a positive impact on them. “We realize there are a […]

Security increases surveillance of student cars parked on Halkirk

By Ingrid Chang Due to complaints from neighbors, the security staff has started to more strictly monitor illegal student parking on Halkirk and place warning stickers on cars that are blocking driveways. Students are given warnings, and if it becomes a frequent problem their cars may be towed. However, Head of Security Jim Crawford said […]

Three alumni start 'street culture' clothing line

By Matthew Lee Three students from the class of 2007 founded a clothing label that emphasizes urban fashion and street culture. Nick Tolson ’07, who attends Indiana Universtiy, Josh Brown ’07, who is currently at Cornell, and Jason Gold ’07, who goes to the University of Oregon, founded Fifth Estate Clothing this July. Tolson said […]