Cutting Edge

StoneCutters, the upper school literary and visual arts magazine, won a gold medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association for their 2016-2017 issue. The magazine received its highest scores for its reader-friendliness and visual content. “The art and photos are presented well and show creativity,” the judge said. “The subjects are not trite but instead […]

Stone-Cutters magazine announces editors for new volume

The first issue of the online Stone-Cutters was released Nov. 5, and new issues will be released throughout the year. The magazine announced its new editors for this year. Emma Kofman ’16 is the new literary editor, Jensen Davis ’16, Jack Li ’17 and Elizabeth Kim ’17 are the new associate literary editors, Jenny Lange […]

Stone-Cutters extends submission deadline

Stone-Cutters, Harvard-Westlake arts and literary magazine, extended its deadline to Dec. 16 to allow students to submit more literary works. Though more than 130 submissions have been received for Stone-Cutters, only 25 of those submmissions were literary works. “Although in recent years the number of visual art submissions we’ve received has ballooned, we try to […]