Looking Back: Photography III students host showcase on the Vietnam War

Students and faculty reflected on the tragedies of the Vietnam War at the Photography III showcase, “Then and Now,” on Jan 22. The showcase, which was curated by Emma Spencer ’18, consisted of photographs of war veterans, including science teacher Walt Werner and English teacher Jeffery Kwitny. The photography students also displayed pages of old newspaper […]

Don’t Lose Focus

Don’t Lose Focus

Emma Spencer ’18 led her Photography III class in creating a photography show focused on the Vietnam War, those who were involved in it and the effects it continues to have on the U.S. to this day. The show, titled “Vietnam 50 Years Later: Then and Now,” will be installed in Feldman-Horn Gallery Jan. 12, […]

Photography students interview director

Photography III students interviewed director Lynn Novick about her latest documentary, “The Vietnam War,” over livestream to gain inspiration for their upcoming photo show. However, due to opposing viewpoints about the war and the large number of comments, Novick did not respond to student’s questions. Emma Spencer ’18, who participated in the livestream, said that […]