To see some real results

On March 14, I stood up at 10 a.m. and walked out of my Business of Life class. I made my way to the field, where I stood with fellow members of my community to honor those lost in a similar one. While I stood in silence, realizing that an event like the one that […]

Activism from the heart

I had never seen them so quiet. There was something haunting about the way the children clutched their poster boards and stared straight ahead. They were like the statues of the Founding Fathers we had passed on the way there, solemn and unflinching and strong. They had a purpose. They had emotion. And they would […]

Taking a stand against gun violence with action

Taking a stand against gun violence with action

It seems like in our society, the American flag sails at half-mast more often that it does not. The flag is only positioned like this in times of crisis, or more often in our case, to honor the victims of the atrocities that seem to happen all too often in our country. As events like […]