Life in “Our Town”

Life in “Our Town”

Though more than a week has passed since the final show of the upper school winter play, “Our Town,” Coco Kaleel ’20 still finds herself talking about the play with her family and friends. She tells them how she was almost brought to tears and how much she wishes she could see it again. “I […]

Walch rewrites film textbook for class

Performing arts teacher Ted Walch rewrote his cinema studies textbook entitled “Cinstuds” over the summer. Walch has been teaching Cinema Studies for 25 years and created his own guidebook for his class in 2000. Last year, Walch asked the curriculum development committee for a grant to revise the textbook. Cinema studies student Javi Arango ’16 […]

Looking for laughs online

By Justine Goode and Victor Yoon  ”I don’t know why they haven’t tried triple stuffed Oreo cookies yet, because I would be ON THAT.” “C-Minus students deserve to be placed in the middle of the classroom, blindfolded, and burned with cigars as their classmates throw tomatoes at them.” “In elementary school, I read Hermione/Ginny fanfiction […]