Stone-Cutters hosts second workshop, prepares for winter publication

Stone-Cutters magazine hosted its second creative writing workshop to collect submissions for its winter publication Wednesday. Stone-Cutters offers in-person writing workshops Stone-Cutters has held two workshops so far and is planning to host one a month starting in January. Stone-Cutters writer and junior editor Nicole Austen ’21 said that the workshops are a good place […]

Professor teaches students in playwriting workshops

Dr. Velina Hasu Houston, head of playwriting MFA graduate program at USC, came to teach two playwriting workshops and share advice about playwriting to the students interested in participating in the annual Playwright’s Festival Oct. 9 and Oct. 16. During the workshop, Houston gave some tips to students about how to structure their plays and […]

Actors practice in workshops

Jackanapes mentor Lisa Fredrickson led improv workshops for students in the Actor and the Stage I class Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, 3 and 7. Fredrickson led the class in activities in learning to develop characters onstage. Performing arts teacher Christopher Moore chose Fredrickson to lead the workshop because of her background in improv and […]

Actors to partake in workshops

Students in The Actor and the Stage I will participate in multiple acting workshops led by specialized teachers this September. Each workshop will focus on a specific area of acting, such as having confidence on stage through humor, space work and expressing emotion without facial expression or speech, but all of the workshops reflect a […]