Promote and preserve

When the administration recently rewrote the mission statement to make it more accessible for the student body, they recognized that while content always comes first, the manner in which it is communicated can be just as important. If nobody reads something, what’s the point of having written it? The Chronicle faces a similar challenge of […]

Going public

As a freshman at UC Berkeley, Solange Etessami ’13 regaled her friends with tales of her high school cafeteria. For many of those students who had come from public high schools, the idea that a cafeteria would have a boba and smoothie bar was incredible. “Culture shock is a good word for it,” she said. […]

Students present project at White House Science Fair

Jonathan Berman ’17 and Arjun Mahajan ’16 presented their project “Innovation in Autism” at the White House Science Fair today in Washington, D.C. They designed a motion-detecting bracelet that senses repetitive movements, like rocking back and forth, and gently vibrates to encourage the child to stop. Berman and Mahajan also worked with Polytechnic student Maya […]

Seniors to attend luncheon

The Harvard-Westlake Parents’ Association will host its annual senior luncheons May 10 to celebrate students’ completion of their high school careers. Senior boys and their fathers will attend an event at the Beach Club while senior girls and their mothers will gather at the Skirball Cultural Center. Both events will feature speakers. “I’m looking forward […]

Uber Dangerous

Mothers always say never to get in a stranger’s car, but that’s exactly what many students are doing. According to a Chronicle poll of 508 students, 63 percent of upper school students have used Uber or have an Uber account, an online, app-driven car-for-hire service in which drivers provide their own vehicles. The app is […]

Finger Painting

With a final flourish, Alexandria Florent ’15 surveys her masterpiece. The strokes are precise, the shading even. Yet unlike most other works of art, Florent’s canvas is an iPhone and her chosen medium Snapchat. Snapchat is a popular photo messaging application used by 76 percent of students, according to a Chronicle poll of 208 students […]

Parents' Association to hold annual blood drive

The Parents’ Association will hold its annual blood drive April 25 in Chalmers in association with the American Red Cross. Students who wish to donate blood must provide a school ID, and those age 16 and under will need a waiver signed by a parent. Every two seconds someone in America needs blood, according to the American […]

Panel informs students about sexual assault

A panel of experts spoke on issues surrounding rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse during break today in Ahmanson. The panel was organized by Trishta Dordi ’15 as part of a series of events leading up to Denim Day April 23. Presenters included Harriet Kerr from the UCLA Rape Treatment Center in Santa Monica, representatives […]

Journalism expert speaks to Chronicle staff

Student publication expert Ron Johnson spoke to Chronicle staff April 14 about news coverage and design technique in Weiler Hall. “He was really great,” Jacob Goodman ’15 said. “He brought an objective perspective that can be difficult to give to your own group. As a person who’s interested in graphic design it’s nice to get […]

Parents’ Association website breached, information stolen

The Harvard-Westlake Parents’ Association Party Book fundraising website experienced a security breach, compromising parents’ credit card information, President Rick Commons notified parents and faculty in an email March 5. Commons emphasized that the breach was limited to those who had used credit cards on the auction website and would not affect the school database, website, or […]