Umbrella injures registrar

Registrar Virginia Schroeder was injured Feb. 3 when she was hit in the face by a green canvas umbrella that blew across the quad.

Schroeder was coming down the steps toward the cafeteria when a gust of wind  blew the umbrella off of a lunch table and it flew into her.

She fell, suffering multiple injuries, including damage to her teeth and a broken wrist.

She underwent surgery Feb. 8 for her broken wrist. Prior to that, she attended multiple medical appointments for her various injuries.

History teacher Eric Zwemer, who was eating lunch by the cafeteria, was the first one to aid Schroeder after he saw the umbrella hit her.

Zwemer  described the umbrella flying at her as a surreal moment.

“Of course I went over to her,” Zwemer said. “I think I was the closest. [It] belongs under the heading of freak accident.”

He immediately sent for a dean, and upper school dean Sharon Cuseo called over the trainers to look at Schroeder’s injuries and tend to them.

“I have received many, many good wishes, greetings and support from the Harvard-Westlake community,” Schroeder said. “All the people who helped me in the quad immediately following the accident were wonderful.”

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