‘As You Like It’ cast list released

Benjamin Most

A cast of 23 students, selected during auditions last week, will perform the play “As You Like It” in Rugby Auditorium Feb. 5-7. Performing arts teacher Ted Walch will direct. Rehearsals will begin Nov. 18.

The Shakespearean comedy tells the story of a duke’s daughter, her lover, and their closest friends as they deal with banishment and romance in 17th-century England.

The cast list is as follows:

Orlando: Carlos Guanche ’16
Oliver: Oliver Sanderson ’15
Adam: Teddy Leinbach ’15
Dennis: Calyx Liu ’17
Rosalind: Covi Brannan ’15
Celia: Jenny Lange ’17
Touchstone: Noah Bennett ’15
Duke Frederick: Jacob Goodman ’15
Charles, William: Timothy Song ’15
Le Beau: Natalie Musicant ’17
First Lord: Aurora Huiza ’17
Second Lord, Henchman: Bryce Terman ‘15
Duchess Senior: Marianne Verrone ’15
Jacques: Jared Gentile ’16
Amiens, Singer Musician, Composer: Claire Nordstrom ’15
First Lord, Singer: Henry Platt ’17
Second Lord, Singer, Musician: Dora Palmer ’15
Corin: James Hansen ’16
Silvius: Henry Zumbrunnen ’16
Phoebe: Talia Lefkowitz ’17
Audrey: Katherine Calvert ’15
Sir Oliver Martext: Dylan Schifrin ’16