Softball pursues Mission League title

After scoring a total of 24 runs in its first three non-league games, and celebrating a no-hitter by Chloe Pendergast ’13, the softball team continues to prepare for its upcoming Mission League season, in an attempt to seize the maximum potential of its offense and pitching, while improving its teamwork and communication.

After two run-away wins against Immaculate Heart and Kennedy on the back of its offensive production and consistent pitching, the softball team fell to Oaks Christian in a 5-3 loss.

The loss put the Wolverines’ focus toward some flaws and some areas to tighten up in anticipation for the Mission League.

“We had a few miscommunications on the field that can easily be resolved as we get more game experiences,” pitcher Madeline Kaplan ’14 said. “I think it is really important to learn from these losses in pre-season games so that we don’t make the same mistakes in league games.”

Jessica Johnston ’14 has six hits in her first nine at bats, leading the team with a .667 batting average and four total runs.

Johnston was in centerfield during the loss to Oaks Christian.

“In the last game against Oaks Christian, the error made was lack of communication between players. It’s really important to know who is calling for the ball,” Johnston said. “I feel that overall we just weren’t focused during the game which allowed them to get ahead.

“Since most of the girls play on travel ball or club teams, the coaches mainly work on refining our skills. Both offensively and defensively, the coaches work individually with each girl to pinpoint any weaknesses and strengthen them,” Johnston said.