Auto Club organizes go-kart event at MB2 Indoor Raceway in Sylmar


Auto Club members pose altogether after racing at a go-karting outing at the MB2 raceway in Sylmar, California.

Davis Marks

As part of an ongoing event series, members of the Auto and Motorsport Club raced go-karts competitively at the MB2 Indoor Raceway in Sylmar, California on Feb. 2, a Flex Day.

Auto and Motorsport Club Leader Gabe Glassman ’22 said the club hosts go-karting events to foster a fun environment, and Glassman said he believes the outing was successful in engaging various members with the club’s subject matter. 

“We hosted this event and have hosted events like this in the past mainly [to have] a good time,” Glassman said. “Go-karting is a great activity for Flex Days in general, especially because the place we go to is usually empty at that time. It was definitely and always is a ton of fun, and this past Wednesday was also particularly very successful.”

Auto and Motorsport Club member Justin Sun ’22 said he attended the event because of his previous desire to go go-karting with friends.

“I wanted to attend the event because I loved racing in general, and I always thought that go-karting with friends would be exceptionally fun,” Sun said. “Also, the place was virtually empty, so that added to the already awesome experience.”

Club member Mark Cho ’22 said he had fun driving and racing with his friends, as well as improving his go-karting skills. 

“I [attended] the event because a lot of my friends are in the club, and I wanted to have some fun go-karting [races] with them on our Flex Day,” Cho said. “I had missed some of [the club’s] previous events, and so I definitely I didn’t want to miss out on this one. [Although] I didn’t do the best, it was still enjoyable to improve my time and see how I compared with the rest of the group.”

Cho said the group’s enjoyment did not stop when their time go-karting at MB2 ended.

“My highlight of the day was driving to a nearby in-and-out for some dinner afterwards,” Cho said. “We got to sit down and bond over good food there, which always makes for a good time,” Cho said.

 Club member Matty Liu ’22 attended the event and said he enjoyed having an opportunity to race against his friends.

“I love to [compete] and go-karting is a great opportunity to [do so] with my friends,” Liu said. “It’s really enjoyable to watch all our lap times get faster and faster, [so] every time we go to MB2, it’s a blast.”

Glassman said the Auto and Motorsport Club plans to host future go-karting events, with tentative plans for a group outing every scheduled Flex Day.

“We definitely will host more in the future, and we are planning on going every Flex Day,” Glassman said.