Girls’ volleyball falls to Oaks Christian at Homecoming

Jonathan Seymour

The girls’ volleyball team lost to Oaks Christian High School Saturday in four sets in its Homecoming match.  The Wolverines won the first set 25-22, but the Lions took the next three sets 7-25, 17-25, and 23-25.

Natlie Wiegand ’16 was one of the leading scorers for the Wolverines, and she ended multiple streaks for the Lions with an array of spikes and blocks, while Kaira Muraoka-Robertson ’16 dove to save multiple points.

The Fanatics were out in full force supporting the volleyball players with chants, signs and dances, but it was not enough for the Wolverines to outplay Oaks Christian.

Wolverine net violations and Oaks Christian power late in the game allowed the Lions to take the match.


Click Here to view the photo gallery of Saturday’s game.