#1 ranked Wolverines remain undefeated after battle for the ages against Mater Dei

Jonathan Seymour

The #1 ranked boys’ water polo team emerged on top Tuesday night in Copses Family Pool after a brutal battle between the Wolverines and the #2 ranked Mater Dei Monarchs. The Wolverines defeated the Monarchs 11-7.

Though Mater Dei took the first possession of the game, the Wolverines gained the lead when the team’s leading scorer, #7 Johnny Hooper ’15, scored the first goal of the game, and they never lost the lead for the entirety of the game.

Hooper scored three out of the team’s 11 goals, and #6 Ben Hallock ’16 contributed three more goals.

There was a record number of penalties and exclusion during the game. In the third quarter, Mater Dei Head Coach and former Olympian Chris Segesman was issued a red card. In addition, 22 exclusion fouls were called in total.

In an unusual turn of events, a fight between #20 from Mater Dei and #1 Anthony Ridgley ’15 that was broken up by #14 Morio Saito ’15 led to #20 and Ridgley immediately receiving 20 seconds each in the penalty box. Saito was made to sit out for 20 seconds later in the game as well.

The Harvard-Westlake Fanatics, including Red Man, who is Head Fanatic Matthew Glick ’15 dressed in a skintight red spandex costume, were out in full force and cheering the entire game. To support the water polo team, the entire baseball team attended the game and cheered as well.

Despite a multitude of penalties and tough Monarch defense, the Wolverines managed to come out on top and with a sizeable lead.