Chronicle, Big Red, Spectrum up for Crowns

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association announced Thursday that the 2013-2014 Chronicle and Chronicle Online judged as a single entity, the 2013-2014 Big Red, and the 2013-2014 Spectrum are all going to be awarded either Gold or Silver Crowns at the CSPA convention at Columbia University in March.

The newspapers and magazines were selected from 1,203 entries and 52 magazines, 35 print newspapers, 19 digital news sites, 49 hybrid media and 73 yearbooks are finalists. A total of 190 Crowns are being given to high school publications and 38 to collegiate publications.

The Chronicle Online was judged in early December. The other publications were judged on last year’s issues.

All finalists will receive either a Gold or Silver Crown. The final announcement will be made at the CSPA convention in New York on March 20, 2015 at the CSPA 91st spring convention at Lerner Auditorium, on Columbia University’s campus.

The CSPA is an international student press association owned and operated by Columbia University since 1925.

The judging panel included: Kathy Daly, retired adviser, Denver, Colorado; Nancy Hastings, retired adviser, Highland, Indiana; Alan Murray, president and co-founder of Uncharted, Malvern, Pennsylvania; Mark Murray, director of technical services and systems integration, Arlington Independent School District, Arlington, Texas; Cheryl Pell retired journalism professor, East Lansing, Michigan; Eddie Vega, writer instructor, editor and photographer, New York; Randy Yeip, graphics editor, New York; and Kathleen Zwiebel, retired adviser, Pottsville, Pennsylvania.