Annual solo night highlights seniors

Maggie Bunzel

Seniors in Wolverine Chorus, Bel Canto, Chamber Singers and Jazz Singers were scheduled to perform in the annual senior solo night in Saint Savior’s Chapel on Tuesday May 28.  Around 15 to 20 seniors sang, although it is not a mandatory event. At the end of the night, seniors gave a gift to both their choral instructor, Rodger Guerrero, and their accompaniest.

“It’s a very sentimental show,” said Laura Edwards ’13. “Its seniors’ last chance to perform  because we’re graduating. Most seniors perform songs relevant to their high school experience. Many seniors perform duets because it’s our last chance to perform in HW choir together.”

Edwards perfromed a rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up” accompanied by her younger brother Michael on the guitar.

“Saying goodbye to choir and all the friends I’ve made will be extremely sad,” Edwards said. “It’s been the most wonderful opportunity.”

For Chamber Singer Michael Wagmeister, the night was about reminiscing, “It’s been a great experience and a lot of fun,
he said. “In choir, I met people, made friends and had some wonderful experiences.”

Wagmeister picked his song a few weeks in advance, as did Chamber Singer Michael Zaks ’13. Zaks played a piece on the piano.

“It’s sort of sad,” Zaks said. “I don’t want this year to end.”